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A friendly Fantasy Roleplay. Here for everyone~!
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Hello there!
Welcome to Last Dream. The fantasy Roleplay.
Here you can roleplay no matter how good or bad you are. It is a friendly and fun Roleplay for everyone. If you have any questions about anything then don't be afraid to PM me after you register. Before you get started on reading the rules and the story how about I give you a little introduction to the story.


For such a peaceful place in Flandor it seemed to get a little tense. Instead of sunshine they had rain clouds which were unusual at this time of year. The Towns people had a feeling something bad was going to happen so most people stayed in their houses. Sadly for them staying in their house wasn’t going to save them. Some of the braver people came out to try and figure out what was going on only to get attacked by a bunch of unfamiliar people. They came in with unbelievable powers and attacked the ones outside. The people outside called for help, getting the others of Flandor to come out and help fight. As this was happening these strange people started destroying buildings, putting some buildings on fire, and just knocking out wall and that with the others. This battle continued for a few hours but in the end Flandor was destroyed. The bodies rotted, the buildings laid, destroyed, the animals all fled. Some of the towns people had managed to run away but 90% of them died.
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