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 Raigon Lilith

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PostSubject: Raigon Lilith   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:11 pm

/ / Raigon Lilith \ \

Description: Raigon is a healthy 20 year old half breed. He doesn't know what he is but considers himself a flying demon. His eyesight is sharper than most and he can see farther than anyone. He can fly at high speeds whoch makes his vision very helpful. He is from Flandor but hates it so, which is why it is now a hunk of smoldering ash. Being a young male he is very seductive to the women and always has his way with someone, may it be a female officer or a slave. Obviously one gets better treatment than the other. He has no discrimination for women or children, they all are killed just as brutally as the men. He does not rape women, thining that is too low and will kill any man or woman who does so.

Characteristics: Raigon used to always be a quite boy, always kept to himself had no friends. When he got older and started to explore he became a stronger and more outgoing person. He began seducing girls, lying about his age to get older women. For him it was easy to get female followers. Now he stands at full command of his slowly developing army. He rules with a strict fist, if you disobey, you die quickly, become enslaved or your banished, and soon after banishment, you are searched out and killed by the silent squad, Raigon's very own elite assassins. HE is a very seductive person, trying to find the one woman worth enough to lead his followers at his side.

Background: Raigon was born in Flandor. His mother died during his childbirth and his father walked out on him. Growing up alone and looking like a freak, was very hard for him. He was always picked on by the human kids. HE learned out to change his appearance to a normal boy and had to use it quite often to avid being hurt. Going to school was even worse, apart form being picked on, he was very, very smart. He passed everything with flying colors. At the age of ten he started to explore the near towns, learning new things. At the age of Thirteen he began to hate Flandor, he had terrible memories there and just out right hated it. At this age he began to leave for longer periods visiting towns form all over gathering people to join his secret society known as "Lilith". After Seven years of planning, as a birthday gift for himself, when he turned twenty he headed into Flandor with a few of his followers and wiped out Flandor. Now he watched secretly from the shadows as the other cities take shelter awaiting the attack upon their precious town.

Player: Hey peeps its Tec101 here and i really like this rp and the creator so be nice! Anyways I live in the Eastern Timezone in the USA. I also got football and school so my posting time might be off. Anyways i lvoe to chat so hit me up! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Raigon Lilith   Sat Sep 05, 2009 8:41 pm

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Raigon Lilith
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