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 Faith Lian Sellinia

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W h ii t e - A n g e ll
W h ii t e - A n g e ll

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PostSubject: Faith Lian Sellinia   Sun Sep 06, 2009 1:40 pm

/ / Faith Lian Sellinia \ \

Description: Faith is a 19 year old girl. Her birthday is June 10th and she is 5'5 and weighs 118 pounds. She is half Angel half elf. Her father was a full blooded elf and her mother was a full blooded Angel. Being two races she can speak three different languages. She knows the Angelic and elven language as wall as English.She mostly takes after her mother.Faith was born in Kilawli but she was raised in Flandor. Since she mostly lived her life in Flandor she considers herself from Flandor and is leader of the Shekinah's. Her style of clothing is traditional in her family so she wears it no matter what others think. She personally likes the style that she wears and makes her feel proud to be what she is. She has an Angelic creature that is her pet. Her name is Kii and she has Angel wings with horns. She is as big as a miniature pony and has 4 eyes.She also has a long tail with a golden horn on the end just like its wings.

Characteristics: Faith is sweet and gentle, kind hearted and a good listener.She isn't afraid to speak her mind, with a positive attitude of self confidence. When determined she is like a natural born Leader but she tends to worry a lot. She is sensitive so it is easy to make her cry or just make her sad but she tends to try and hide her feelings and stay positive in front of others. When shes fighting to defend herself or others she shows no mercy to her opponent. She is a quick thinker and can catch little details of someones actions better then others.

Background: Faith's mother, Serenity, was born and raised in Kilawli. At the age of 28 Serenity had gone on a trip to visit Flandor. While she was there she met an elf named Lainadan. She spent most of her time with him and soon enough fell in love with him. He fell in love with Serenity and was devastated to hear she was going back to Kilawli. Serenity knew she couldn't stay in Flandor she didn't have the money and she didn't want to leave her home town. So Serenity left Flandor after her trip and left her Love back there. After about six months Lainadan showed up at Serenity's door and asked her to marry him. He couldn't stop thinking about her that whole six months and decided he wanted to be with Serenity forever. Serenity said yes and they had gotten married and had one kid, Faith.

After Fiath turned one she was almost stolen by someone that lived in Kilawli. Serenity was very unhappy about her daughter almost being taken away form her and asked Lainadan id they could move to Flandor and live there for the rest of their lives. She had herd the rumors of it being the most peaceful and Lainadan had confirmed that it was really peaceful. So they moved there and raised Faith there. When Faith turned 16 they had finally told her where she was really born. Faith was shocked but fine with it. She loved Flandor and was really comfortable with the people that lived there.

When Faith turn 17 she had decided she wanted to travel with a few friends. She asked and begged her parents every night until they finally told her she could go. She got really excited and promised them she would be back. She traveled with her friends to a few towns for two years but then they went their separate ways and Faith was left alone. She was alone for about 4 months then she decided she would go back and see her parents so she didn't break her promise. She was going to arrive at home on Christmas eve to surprise her parents.

Christmas eve came and Faith was almost at Flandor. Once she got there she couldn't believe her eyes. It was in ruins. Her precious home was gone. Everything was destroyed and covered in snow. Faith searched the Town from head to toe and didn't find once sign of life not even an animal. She found no body's, nothing. Just her and Kii. Faith sat at her Destroyed home just crying and thinking for hours. Luckily for her when she had finished crying she saw a few other people that lived in Flandor come home to see it destroyed. Seeing how they were all in the same situation they went down under the town church and Faith formed a group and named it Shekinah. It was time to put the sadness behind them and figure out what happened to their home.

Player: Hey~! This is W h ii t e - A n g e ll. Yes I made this forum and all idea's are original. You can call me Angel if you want. Just makes things easier. I am in the eastern Time zone and i love chatting so if you want to talk and get to know me just PM me or shout my name in the OOC ^.^ I would like to get to know everyone that join!
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PostSubject: Re: Faith Lian Sellinia   Sun Sep 06, 2009 2:37 pm

*sucks teeth* well... i guess i could... Accepted!♣️
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Faith Lian Sellinia
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