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 Akira Tago

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PostSubject: Akira Tago   Akira Tago I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 06, 2009 4:27 pm

/ / Akira Tago \ \

Akira Tago Zaku

Description: Akira, age 21, 6'1 weighing in at 136 pounds. He's a mixture of human and demon, although both of his parents are in fact human. He is one of the, if there are any more, few survivors from Flandor. He wears a tattered dark black trench coat that's edges were burned a bit from the attack. Below it he normally has on a white t-shirt and some dark pants, held together by a belt. He carries a huge sword on his back that he won in a bet with a demon. The sword has abilities to transform into various forms, including katana, whip, and kunai. He carries the big sword mostly to get stronger, but he tends to slip the transformed kunai into his pocket from time-to-time. His demon form doesn't change him much, due to his human heritage. His eyes turn a fiery red and red bat-like wings sprout from his back, hence the holes in the back of the trench coat.

Characteristics: Akira is a quite, tough character. He used to laugh and smile a lot, but after the attack his heart was turned to stone. Akira is quick to anger and has no trust in anyone. He is very intelligent and easily manipulates to get his way. He isn't a follower and is a big rebel, but will follow orders if set into his ever-growing mischievous plans.

Background: Born in the city of Flandor to two middle class parents. His father was a merchant and his mother was a maid in a high-class residence. His parents loved their only son, trying to provide the best they could for him. He became best friends with the youngest son of the family his mother worked for. His life was going perfect...

At the age of twelve his father disappeared on one of his merchant trips through the country. Akira's mother became worried, hearing no news from him the police feared the worst. Akira's mother began working all the time, having barely enough money to finance their food, she began working in the worst of jobs. Akira was horrified, his mother began disappearing every night, and he barely saw her in the day, but thanks to his best friend Zaku, he survived.

At the age of fifteen, on a gloomy, rainy day, Akira's father came back out of nowhere. He had with him a look of a killer, something that struck fear in everyone. He went to their small house and beat the mother, almost killing her. He took Akira aside that day and made him follow him out to a large tree facing the city. He sat down and took out a parchment. "I have learned many things, heard many things, seen many things, but what I have in my hands is what I've dedicated my life to finding..." He handed Akira the parchment and stood up. "Good-bye my son." Then he turned away from the city and began walking.

Akira ran home, his mother was no where to be found, he ran into his room and shut the door. He opened the parchment, a large drawing of a circle with stars glowed suddenly. He dropped it to the ground and a loud boom was heard, then a red demon appeared from the parchment with a giant sword on his back. It smirked. "Why have you, such a small human boy, called upon me, Bloodlust himself!" Akira stared back dumbfounded. Bloodlust addressed him again. Akira, a new confidence arising, clenched his fist. "What is this about?!" Bloodlust, still smirking, explained to him the world of heaven and hell, the battles to be fought, and ended on the purpose of his summoning... To kill anyone Akira wanted dead.

Akira thought for awhile and decided to kill his father, the one who abandoned him and deserved to die. Bloodlust cut Akira's finger and a drop of blood sealed the contract, but what Akira didn't know is he just sold his soul to him. Bloodlust returned an hour later, his sword covered in blood. "The deed has been accomplished." It smirked. "Now, your soul is mine..." Akira's grin dropped into a frown. "You bastard..." Bloodlust burst into an evil laugh. ran towards him and jumped into the air, trying to punch the demon. The demon disappeared, the parchment glowing on the floor suddenly rolled up and lay there.

Years passed and the demon never returned, but Akira felt empty, an emptiness women, alcohol, and drugs could not fill. Akira spent all of his days studying, trying to find a way to get out of this eternal contract. He studied years, fighting, magic, everything, and always turning out number one in his class.

At the age of twenty the day he feared came. A large wind roared as his parchment glowed in his room, opening up a portal and the demon coming out with a look of victory. Akira looked at the demon and stood up. The two exchanged glances and the door shut. The two spent days talking, both fighting for the upper-hand in a battle of wits. After four days passed Akira tricked the demon into giving up all his powers, selling him his soul, and his sword. The demon cursed Akira and disappeared into an eternal abyss. Akira walked out of the dorm with a new feeling inside him, a new evil and anger that wanted to jump out, but his human nature had full control. He grinned. He was in control.

He was in his room when suddenly he was attacked. He looked outside, a fire raging and burning everything, and mysterious figures slaughtering all he knew. He grabbed the sword and ran out, confusion and anger the only emotions he could muster out. He fought for hours, not killing any of the assailants. Suddenly they cast a spell on him and he jumped into a burning house, the only way to dodge it. The house fell down on him, knocking him out. Days later he woke up with a headache, everything flooded into his mind and he climbed out of the wreckage...

Player: HyroSilver foo'! I'm +6:00 or -6:00, wonder which xD you'll know me for sure, cause I'm cool like that Wink
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Akira Tago
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