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 Siegfried Szandor

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Raziel Strauss


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PostSubject: Siegfried Szandor   Sun Sep 06, 2009 11:48 pm

/ / (Siegfried Vincent Szandor) \ \

Description: Siegfried Szandor born and raised in the Ellian Mountains. He is one of not the last remaining Cryomancer that Ellian will have, and the shortest being only about 5'8", and weighing in at about 165lbs. HE on occasion paints his nails. During battle's he is a different person something driven from deep within his blood pushes him onward.

Characteristics:Siegfried is cold from years of training as a Cryomancer. He mainly delights in reading as well as a good battle. When he is in or around town he usually gets chased around by girls, which he really doesn't feel either way about it. Siegfried can be fairly girly at times, and slightly metro-sexual. Maybe that is why the girls chase him around.

Background:Siegfried had a somewhat regular life. He had a Vampiric father, and a very human mother. So one would say he is a Half Vamp, a not so common breed in Ellian. Several years ago he started dabbling in Necromancy which pushed him further away from people. Siegfried even went so far as forming a group of Half Vamps which he would later call Fel Knights, and they would prove to be an unstoppable force in conquest. In the last few days had been having dreams of a vast battle coming to the mountains, and he can barely understand if it will happen or should. All he can seem to get is that when it comes he will be one of the few to survive.

Player: Raziel Strauss: Time zone = Eastern
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PostSubject: Re: Siegfried Szandor   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:03 am

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Siegfried Szandor
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