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 Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!)

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Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!) Empty
PostSubject: Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!)   Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 7:11 am

/ / Jing \ \

Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!) C3a421f23a920f8936d16f90d2de0aac-1

Description: Jing is, currently, a Nineteen year old Woman, with a height of Five Foot Eleven, and a weight of One Hundred and Thirty-Two Pounds. She is a human, although her strength and endurance suggests otherwise, and was originally born in the town of Elxair. She is currently a part of the group 'Town Person', although to call her a towns person would be a mistake since she actually lives in Ellian Mountains in 'Home' made cave with Lykourgos (Who you will later learn more of). A last thing to learn about Jing, is that she has abnormal strength, being capable of lifting 150kg objects with just a single arm (imagine both) as if she were just picking up a dumbbell. Never mind one more last thing being: She also calls Lykourgos, Kyros. She says his name is too much trouble to say all the time, and if something should happen and she needed to shout his name it would be faster that way.

Characteristics:Because of her limited interaction with humans Jing can be seen as an Antisocial being. Amongst others, Rani excluded, she is generally quiet and keeps her ideas and opinions to herself. She does however, when with people long enough, warm up fast. And although it goes against her better judgement is a loyal and willing to do anything to protect those she's close to. She has a strong sense of justice, and if she feels someone is attempting to uproot that justice will not give a second thought about laying them down.

Background: Jing's family was a small one, that actually lived on the outside of the town of Elexair. They rarely went into town, and when they did it was for shelter from blizzards that even their cottage couldn't handle, or for when she needed to retrieve tools, have something made, or get food if they were unable to get any of their own. In short, since before her birth she was a part of an isolated family. After her birth, much didn't change. They went into town more often, and Jing was often held in her mother's arms and sang lullabies. However that was all taken away, and very quickly I may add. A strange pack of wolves had taken up residence in Ellian Mountains, and a pack with an unusual bloodlust and sense of injustice. The townspeople there had no idea, and so neither had Jing's family. The town's people considered it an unfortunate event, the slaughtering of the small family. They also considered it a blessing that Jing should have survived. However, the question arose of what to do with the wolves, and Jing? They sent hunters out to find the wolves, with no avail, and no one was capable of taking in Jing without making sacrifices. In the end, they abandoned the child into the cold, winter mountains. Her cries for her mama and papa forever remaining etched into the minds of the townspeople. At the time Jing was only two.

As it seemed, Jing was indeed a blessed child, for a single creature heard her cries. A wise, and old creature, considered a legend amongst a select audience. Lykourgos. He was like no other wolf, although his size was the same, but his eyes were of a glowing blue that no animal could possess. When he ran it was like chasing after a silver furred wind. And to make him even more unusual he had intelligence to match even the wisest humans, and the ability to talk. Finding Jing his first idea was to kill her, and so he made to. He stopped, though his fangs already touching her throat, when he saw her eyes. The same as his own. Now feeling a bond form between them, he picked the child up by the cloth in which the town’s people had wrapped her in, and carried her off to his home.

As the years went by, Lykourgos stayed with Jing. Raising her as his own child, despite his appearance, and teaching her his ways. He taught her how to run, how to survive, and most importantly how to kill. For Lykourgos, the ability to kill someone was indeed the greatest gift, and at the same time a curse. He taught Jing to kill, and bear in mind that she had killed, remember those whom she had killed, but not let them burden her mind, but let them strength her resolves to survive, so their lives did not go to waste. As she grew older, she grew more and more strong, and at the same time her mind started to drift to her old family. The warmth of being held and sung to, was something Lykourgos himself admitted to her he could never do. And so the girl, now fifteen years later, returned to the town in search of answers. The townspeople were shocked by her sudden appearance. The oldest, the one who originally voted her removal of the town, was the first to recognize this girl who wore only the fur and animals. Her eyes, he said, were eyes that not even her parents had. They were the eyes of someone blessed. Taking Jing in, he provided her with food she'd never eaten, and clothes she found warm and even comfortable. He told her that it was fortunate that she survived, and even more fortunate she came to be under the care of the Wolf. He told her about the situation many years ago, involving the wolves, and that they still lived deep within the mountains, occasionally coming down to hunt. Jing only stayed until later that night, stealing a sword from the Elder's armoury and going into the mountains again, into a part of the mountains even she had never gone.
For a week she was missing, and for a week Lykourgos waited for her until her inevitable return. "Have you settled it?" Was all he asked her, and all she did was nod. For them, it was enough. As the years went by, Jing decided that it was best to remain in the mountains. In her short time with human civilization, she learned she did not fit in well with them. Though she would forever remain thankful towards the man who provided her with the clothing she now wore, and the information to seek revenge on the ones who stole her family.

Player: Hey there Viewer (You, probably being a lot of people if their checking up on the new R-Player) I am Shattered-Sins. Or if you want to be intimate/friendly I can permit you to refer to me as Tal (Not real name but close enough). My Time zone is (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada), I'm currently not in any clubs or extracurricular activities so I'm sure to be free from 2:45-9PM (if I'm not busy with homework or other things). I'm a rather friendly guy (most the time) and so if I say something offensive, chances are I didn't mean it (but if I did I would probably tell you I did). Well, I've probably taken up enough of your time. Anything else you wish to know about me (Tal) than feel free to PM.
Oh yes, one last thing, Lykourgos is not my original idea. I did, more or less, borrow the idea of a talking wolf from the Strategy-RPG game called Eternal Poison (Wolf in question is called Lykourgos). Though there are many things that use a talking wolf, I have Raki in mind the entire time.

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Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!)   Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!) I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 07, 2009 10:56 am

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Jing (Who doesn't have a last name for various reasons explained!)
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