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 Delfian the Bloodletter

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PostSubject: Delfian the Bloodletter   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:19 pm

/ / Delfian the Bloodletter \ \

Description:Delfian stands around six feet tall and weighs roughly 160-170 pounds with gray skin and jet black hair. His eyes once were emerald green however recent events shifted them to stark black. It is said staring into them directly can cause madness. As an assassin by profession his clothing never hangs loosely on his body, the colors of his outfit change depending upon the circumstances of his surroundings. The single scar across his throat left from ear to ear is his single defining characteristic, not that many people ever see it.Only recently was it discovered that Delfian's skin is somehow semi-metallic acting as almost a layered suit of scale mail armor

Characteristics: Delfian is an intense thinker and the sheer deadliness of his demeanor is made more vicious by the silence he maintains while executing his assignment. Like a true predator he is cunning and brilliant always finding innovative ways to do things. He fancies himself as neither a leader nor a follower, though those who do not follow his lead usually pay the price fr it.Human life means nothing to this man and you can see it in his eyes.

Background: Delfian, as a young man was far from having the perfect childhood. Ever since he could remember he had been alone, until, one day he met Revinen. Rivinen just happened to be stealing food from the same store ate the same time Delfian one day. And Rivinen just happened to set off the alarm. Delfian, was caught by surprise by the shop keeper and beaten rather badly since he hadn't had time to focus on teleporting out of there. Battered and bruised in an alley behind the shop, Delfian resigned himself to just die there. Then as was his custom Rivinen popped out of nowhere. Quickly after this chance meeting and apology the two became friends, and soon close as brothers. However one day his best freind tried to kill him in his sleep once by slicing his throat which permanently scarred his larynx so he can no longer speak. Having barely survived getting dumped in the woods and left for dead, Delfian awoke in a monastery secluded in a mountainous area. As he grew stronger Delfian began to notice the great strength which the monks possessed and sought to learn it for himself, keeping his dark motives deep inside himself. The Monks taught him how through meditation his body could surpass the limitations of sleep or endurance and finally Delfian could master his Teleportation. Learning to how to convey thoughts into others minds and to read others thoughts through what they called channeling their third eye. Around his seventh year training with the monks, the ruse he had been using to protect his vengeance filled mind had fallen allowing the Monks to glimpse the great rage and hatred which festered inside the young man, and, seeking to prevent a disaster the entire Monastery attempted to destroy him. Delfian killed every man woman and child wielding merely two daggers which the monks normally used for slicing open packaged fertilizer. Their bodies were left to fertilize the ground.
Now, unable to remain where he had been training, as after a few days the food had gone bad and the stench unpleasant, Delfian set out to finally Kill Rivinen. It took two more years, but Delfian finally tracked his traitorous friend down. To his grave where he had been since three years earlier when he had passed on peacefully, leaving Delfian without his most precious revenge. Without purpose, Delfian's life spiraled into a mire of drinking and violence until one day a strange man approached him offering an unthinkable offer which Delfian promptly accepted. Thus he gained the Title Delfian the Bloodletter as he had just joined the special Assassin's squad.

Player: only Shimo Plays this character. Mountain Standard time. Working Tues through Saturday, Noon to Nine.
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PostSubject: Re: Delfian the Bloodletter   Mon Sep 07, 2009 12:35 pm

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Delfian the Bloodletter
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