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♥️ Last Dream ♥️

Earth is a lot different from the 20th century. There is a lot more than humans on earth now. People have discovered many other races now and even became peaceful with them. A lot of things like cars are gone to keep the environment clean. People usually walk now and a lot of people have horses to ride and take care of. It’s not completely peaceful. It will never be but it is a better place to live then before. Earth is like a fantasy world now with all the unbelievable things people can do and all the powers and races people have discovered. It is truly an amazing world.

A certain town called Flandor had seemed to be the most peaceful in its area. It had so many different races to it and rarely had any crimes or killings. A lot of people left the town just to travel and experience more. A certain girl named Faith left as well. She wanted to see more then what she had seen in Flandor and she wanted to meet new people. Being alone travelling for the first time was something new to her so she was really excited. Of course she would be gone for a while. Well two years later she decided to come back for Christmas for a surprise for her parents. She was happy she was going to see them again and couldn’t wait to see their faces when she came through the door and said “Merry Christmas!”

Getting there was no problem as all but taking in what she was about to discover would be the hard. Flandor had been destroyed. Houses were burnt down; Stores and other buildings were now just rubble. The place was empty. Not a living thing was around. Faith of course was devastated to see what happened to her home. She searched the whole town while breaking down and trying to take this all in. Fortunately she found other people who lived in Flandor and is going through the same thing as her. They searched Flandor a couple times before finally agreeing no one was there and if there was anyone they would be dead. Faith and the others went into a secret room under the destroyed church in Flandor and talked everything over with everyone. They had decided that not everyone could have died and that there must have been some who escaped. They would search for any survivors of Flandor and together they would find out what happened to their home and maybe even get revenge.

A few other towns that were near Flandor had heard about what happened and put their defences up, making it hard for travelers to get into the towns. They fear it will happen to them and they break all alliances with other towns, not sure which town destroyed Flandor. None of the towns launched an attack on Flandor. What no one knew was that there was a secret group of people that left their towns for certain reasons and formed a hatred group called Lilith. Flandor was their first target. The leader of the Lilith’s absolutely hated Flandor and decided it would be the first to go. They even took some people and made them slaves. The regret letting some of the People from Flandor get away but the leader was determined to get them. It was only a matter of time before the Lilith’s had the rest of the towns destroyed.

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Plot / Story
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