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 Lucian Belmont

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Description: Lucian usually goes by the nickname Luce. He is 6 feet and 3 inches tall. Weighing only 110 pounds. He had short dirty blond hair that is long enough to sit in the way of his eyes and cover his ears. He has gold eyes and pale skin. Lucian is a bit too skinny for his own good though, he eats very little because of that.
He wears a white blouse with black dress pants. Under the white blouse is a black shirt. He wears a belt which carries all he needs. His black shirt is always tucked in, yet his white blouse is worn lazily like a jacket. His black pants aren‘t exactly loose, but they are not tight either, they fit him perfectly. His Belt is slightly to big for him and hangs slanted on his hips.
Not many people know, but Lucian is half ware wolf. Although he seems more human than ware wolf. He can transform at anytime to a full wolf. Yet if you do something dog related with Lucian, just ears and a tail will appear.
Lucian grew up in Flandor and has a long lost little brother who he searches for. He was one of the few survivors that made it through that terrible event.

Characteristics: At first Lucian may seem unfriendly and anti social. He can be very quiet and boring. Lucian is known to sigh a lot, you may mistake him for being tired, but it’s just a bad habit of his. Lucian also has a hard time telling people how he feels, you usually have to figure it out by yourself if you care to try. A bad part of Lucian is he has a short temper and can get really mad over the smallest things. In a way he is very childish, and you can’t help but have a little fun with him.
Once you get to know Lucian, he is actually quite nice and can be social when he tries. He is easily embarrassed and slightly gullible. His emotions, although sometimes it’s hard to tell, will get the best of him. Also if you treat Lucian like a dog, he’ll act like one, to a certain extent.

Background: Lucian is from Flandor, grew up his entire life there. He was told he was born somewhere else, but for as long as he can remember he lived in Flandor.
At first it was just him and his parents. He grew up happy, getting things he wanted, getting in trouble, pleasing his parents. A pretty normal life.
One day on a while it was still light and the full moon was coming that night, his ears and tail appeared. Which scared the heck out of Lucian. His parents tried to explain what was happening, but he refused to listen until later that night. When the full moon came out Lucian became a full wolf and went on a killing spree. He only killed a few people, but it meant a lot to Lucian. He was only ten then. After that incident, his parents hid him for a long time. When Lucian finally gained control over his transformations, they let him out to do as he pleased.
Over the time of being locked up, Lucian‘s parents had another child. It was a little boy who at first everyone though was plain human. His little brother never knew about what he was like Lucian as he grew up.
Lucian thought his life couldn‘t get any better. But then his little brother sprouted ears and a tail. Lucian along with his parents were shocked, his little brother was not fully wolf. He just had dog ears and a dog tail like Lucian‘s when he used his animal senses and they just pop out. Everyone though that his little brother would be human, yet he was still more human than Lucian who was half human.
Living together they lived a happy life. But then one day, there was something wrong. The two boys were told to stay inside and do not come out unless they absolutely had to. They obeyed. Screams were heard and the sound of his family talking. Soon they said they were going to help and they should stay. Lucian and his little brother stayed behind and watched their parents run out of the house. They never came back.
When the screaming stopped for the slightest second, Lucian disobeyed and ran out to see what was happening. Seeing his parents dead mentally scarred him as he stared at the lifeless figures. He was frozen where he was, until he heard a scream. At first he didn‘t hear it, then it became louder, and it was screaming his name. Looking behind him, he saw his house on fire and he ran inside without thinking looking for his baby brother. Although it was hopeless at first, he thought that his little brother burnt to death, but he never found his brothers body.
From this day on, Lucian is in search of his brother. He knows his brother is alive and will do anything to safe the boy.

Player: Tactic_Fai, GMT- 6 Central. Oh, I‘m semi literate.
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Lucian Belmont
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