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 Lucas Sipthuko (done)

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Lucas Sipthuko (done) Empty
PostSubject: Lucas Sipthuko (done)   Lucas Sipthuko (done) I_icon_minitimeTue Sep 08, 2009 3:59 pm

>//Lucas Sipthuko //<

Lucas Sipthuko (done) Mitsu

Description : 16 year old neko with a height of 5"9, weighing 120 pounds being of the few survivors. His neko skin is dark black. His expression is half the time almost dead, as he rarely smiles. He has his reasons for this depressing attitude. His pitch-black hair drops down, almost completely covering his green emerald eyes, which is to his liking since he hates being social to nearly anyone. He's usually wearing a black shirt with baggy yet easy to move in black pants to increase maneuverability. He also slips on a pair of black patented-leader gloves to help in combat or mechanics.
He's almost never caught wearing something other then black since he enjoys being hard to catch by the eye so much. His black tail is always calmly floating in air behind him, it's the one thing that can give away how he's feeling since he tends to lock himself up most of the time. His tail can also be a major disadvantage in battle, seeing as how if it is pulled gently it will result in a slight blush of ticklishness. But if the tail is viciously pulled or damaged it can result in drastic pain throughout the whole entire body.

characteristics: cold, quiet and a bit of an anti-social he likes to keep stuff to himself. He could be harsh, abrasive and sometimes just plain mean. but deep down he cries a bit with every word. It could be very hard for him to open up as he hadn't had alot of experience in doing so. Even with his harsh attitude when it comes right down to it he can be very kind and gentle. He hates seeing others cry, it's his one weakness. If anything he enjoys to see others smiling, it reminds him that it's not all that bad.

His lack for practical humor makes him a bit dull though. not being able to understand even the simplest of jokes. despite his quiet and semi hateful personality lucas can be easily wooed by women, even though it is not of his nature to let his guard down so easily. He enjoys solitude and isolation all too much and will sometime go as far as to climb a high shady tree to hide away from sight and nuisances. It's this stealth and silence that makes him a threat in battle.

His love for his past town flandor is what keeps him inside the ruins. growing up on the streets of flondor he has a few survivor skills that he utilizes in a desperate time of need, willing to stay alive to see his remaining family another day. He is very serious when it's time for work and can be a bit Tedious when he is in the middle of something. Lucas is also a bit of a grease monkey, knowing how to take apart machines and put them all together again. He takes pride in his work since it was passed down to him by his father.

Lucas also has hobbies. when times look grizzly and things just seem to
drag down he plays his guitar he named Broken Wings. He plays it to calm his nerves, usually playing it on a shady place when he's alone. when he isn't playing his guitar he writes notes in his personal little journal. He wants to remember this drag in history when it turns into a brighter future. He enjoys playing and listening to music when there’s peace, it's one of the very few things that make him smile. Although playing his guitar can sometimes be saddening, as it reminds him of the incident with his father. But Lucas promised himself and his family to be strong, and nothing in the world will make him brake that solemn promise.

backround:Growing up as a poor folk in the streets of flandor he got to see most of the bad in the town. Although the town was very peaceful and understanding of his family he still had to survive under days of hunger. When Lucas was born he was already labeled as the black sheep of his family. Literally, he was the only one with black neko skin in his family. His mother was tan neko skinned while his father was white neko skinned. it was obvious that lucas was a natural born genius at heart, showing much potential in neko acrobatics and intellect. His father was a mechanic, knowing how to take apart things and stick them back together all over again. He taught Lucas and soon after the boy became thrilled with this iron puzzle, as he called it.
It was rough in the streets of flandor, at times there just wasn't anyway to afford any food. Lucas was young and starving, only being 9 years old he caught a diseased rat and feasted on it. Even though the rat was completely immune to the disease it had caught on Lucas and he had to go to the flandor emergency room and get the disease out of him and then vaccinate him. It was terribly painful, especially since there was an accident and blood was everywhere.

He fainted half way through the process only to find out when he awoke two weeks later, still recovering from the pain. His parents had twins while he was in bed. They were called Tina and Gino. The birth of his two brothers and sisters had discouraged him a bit, thinking that his parents had thought he had died. His thoughts vanished and turned into sorrow when he had found out that his already economically destroyed parents now owed hundreds of money to the hospital he had been hospitalized in. Lucas started working as liter collector at the age often, using his haste and effort he ridded all of flandor's garbage in a single night. It was then when he was promoted to house service/maid cleaning at the age of 12. Although the work was backbreaking, off putting and Embarrassing had to make it up to his family.

By 14 His potential was quickly seen by others and he was put into more complicated tasks. Mind braking and at times just unbearable work. this work sometimes required him to travel, even though he loved traveling to richer and newer parts of the world he could not fully enjoy it because he dearly worried for his family.
by 16 Things turned from awful to absurd when his father caught an old timer sickness. His hard working soul and endurance was slowly withering away and lucas would soon have to be the man of the house. His duty was cut short from a job call that needed him to travel to yet another place to continue his work. He was to discuss business and technology with a bunch of richer folks.
when duty was over lucas returned home, impatient to see his family and hug them all tightly. It was there where his hopes were destroyed completely, it was that horrific sight that killed a part of his soul inside. For the peaceful town of Flandor, was in ruins.
long after he panicked he was notified that his parents had died gruesomely. His mother, crushed by a pillar that fell as the savage beasts tore through the town, lucas' father went down fighting. But he was no match for the fears thugs.

His sister and brother were safe, they had evacuated the town and are now with the survivors. His heart was filled with hope again, his eyes were filled with tears and his heart felt like it was being clenched. It was there on the pile of rubble that he found his fathers old guitar, it was named Wings. After all that has happened Lucas decided to name it over, from then on it was called Broken wings. He stayed in flandor to keep an eye on his brother and sister, who are now sheltering in a family of survivors. Lucas still has to find them, as location of the survivor groups are still a bit of a mystery. Revenge and security is all he wants, it's in that point when he promised to be strong...

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Lucas Sipthuko (done) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lucas Sipthuko (done)   Lucas Sipthuko (done) I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 3:04 pm

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Lucas Sipthuko (done)
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