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 Rules ~ Read them - Follow them

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Rules ~ Read them - Follow them Empty
PostSubject: Rules ~ Read them - Follow them   Rules ~ Read them - Follow them I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 7:02 pm

Read them......Follow them


◘ Make sure you want to join before you register. I don't want people joining and then not posting a week later.

◘ When making your User name make sure its not rude or inappropriate. I do have a sense of humour but sometimes people go too far.

~Creating your character________

◘ When typing up your character try and get into as much detail as possible. That way we can get to know your character well

◘ Make sure you fill out everything in the layout that I provide for you No putting "Unknown"

◘ You can only have one character but if you really want two then you must ask a moderators permission.

◘ Wait for a message from a moderator to tell you that your accepted before you start posting.


◘ Type in third person when you roleplay. It just makes it easier for everyone.

◘ If there is going to be romance in this Roleplay then up to kissing is fine but once his shirt comes off then that's it. I don't need cybering here. Make a time skip to morning if your characters must do it.

◘ No god-modding or power playing. That means no moving someone elses character and no saying your character is god. You can't dodge everything and you can't hit everytime. Make it fair.

◘ When Roleplaying with someone try and make sure they have something to work with. Don't just type up : "Yea sure." She said and smiled : That gives nobody anything to work with so try and be creative and type more.

◘ Always ask permission to kill someones character before doing so.

~Talking to Others______

◘ When your talking OOC (Out of character) in your posts then put it in a quote. If you don't know how to do it then ask a moderator. Or Use ( ... ) But I would prefer you put it in a quote.

◘ If someone as upset you then please don't argue on one of the threads. Argue in personal messages and quickly solve the problem.

◘ Respect each others posts. Some people here can only type a paragraph while others can type four or five paragraphs. Just bare with the less experienced, I'm sure they will do their best. If you have a problem with them then Pm a Moderator immediately.

◘ Help each other out if someone says they have writers block then try and give them idea's on what to post.


◘ If your going to be absent for a certain amount of time then please let the people your roleplaying with know and one of the Moderators.

◘ After a week of not posting and not warning of your disappearance I will send out a warning. After 2 weeks you will be deleted.

◘ If you had a reason you were gone for 2 weeks without being able to tell us then please make a new user and Tell a moderator and we can get your character back up again.

◘ Make sure you have fun!
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Rules ~ Read them - Follow them
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