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 Vaylin Kade Stavin

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Description: Vay, as Vaylin goes by from time to time, does not appear as an incredibly strongperson, but there is a sense of strength to him. He has an uncanny ability to blend in with the surrounding people simply because he is used to hiding in crowds of people. Vaylin's skin shows a tan color from practically living out in the open with the sun shining down on him. His indigo eyes usually tell enough about him to almost make one think that he is uncaring, and yet there is a sense of danger in those eyes. His grey, nearly white, hair is cut medium length and is usually spiked in some way, either that be backwards or down towards the ground. The back of his air has enough length to it that he could put it in a ponytail, but in most cases he wasn't worry about it. Vaylin tends to lean towards lighter clothes with the backs open mainly for his wings, though from time to time he is seen with clothes with slits cut into them just for his wings rather than the entire back cut out of it. His wings are a grayish color. He is a solid age of 17 with a height of around 5'11''. He weighs only a little over 150. His left eye is covered by a bandage because of a wound he received in his past that runs down the left side of his cheek. The eye never actually sustained any real damage, but he has since grown accustomed to not using his left eye and with it still healing from his past he doesn't tend to uncover it often unless he needs depth perception for whatever reason.

Characteristics: Vay tends to show a rather tense side to people he hasn’t met before, or has found reason to not trust them. Vay doesn’t usually go out of his way to explain himself to people when he thinks it is unneeded, and he sometimes puts up a cold front. On the inside Vay is actually a rather kind hearted person whose life had taken a rather unfortunate turn of events resulting in the cold exterior he now shows. The main portion of his cold temper comes from his anger that he has kept sealed away so as to not snap at people who don’t deserve to be yelled at. He is a surprisingly quick thinker when the situation calls upon quick thinking, though his silence usually causes those around him to not know what he thinks. He has been known to open up to people after he gets to know them, but the time it takes him to get to know one varies from person to person.

Background:Born in Kilawli, Vay was naturally the product of two parents with wings. During the first few years of his life he learned the basics of living and surviving in the world. Vay never once thought that his parents would want to move, and it wasn’t until he was almost sixteen that his parents actually decided to move. Vay said nothing on his personal opinion about moving as he understood why his parents wanted to move. In the past few years Vay had started to get into fights with others and most of the fights ended badly. Vay was a naturally strong fighter and had only minimal problems holding his own in the fights he was involved in, but his parents were worried for his safety and decided it was time to move regardless of what Vay thought. They were over joyed to hear Vay’s agreement in moving, even though inside he had no wish to leave the city he had grown up in.

Vay learned only later that they were moving to the city of Flandor, as city of extreme peace from what Vay heard. Vay felt out of place in the town, though it was almost the size of his hometown. Vay was raised having to fight to get through the day, and in Flandor he didn’t have to worry about fighting. The change turned out to have positive effects on him as he started to get a better outlook on life, but that would come crashing down in the later months when Flandor was attacked and destroyed. During his time in peace Vay showed surprising skills in the work needed to sustain a life. Vay’s parents grew proud of their son who had once been a fighter and was slowly turning to be a normal person simply looking to live his life.

Then it all came crashing to the ground. During the attack on Flandor, Vay was pulled into a fight that he won, but in turn he nearly lost his left eye. Vay’s father had gone to find Vay and took Vay back to their house before putting Vay inside. Outside both Vay’s mother and father waited for the Lilith to come. Both Vay’s mother and father were killed that day in a fight with the Lilith, and the house Vay was in was torched with Vay inside. The building came crashing down on Vay trapping him underneath the rubble of the house, but that was exactly what saved him. When the Lilith had left town they had left a trapped Vaylin alive. With time Vaylin managed to pull himself free from the rubble of the house with some burns. The only thing that had saved Vay from being burned alive was the cloak his father had given him to wear which turned out to be resistant to fire. The cloak was scorched beyond use though and Vay was forced to throw it away.

With his family dead, and their killers gone Vay was left with little choice but to try to live. Vaylin had no idea what to do with his life besides hunt for those who had killed his family, and that was exactually what he planned to do. He had no plan to die until he had got revenge for those innocence who where killed.

Player: I’m Kiln Malac, and I’m a full literate to advanced literate role-player. I live in Indiana, so I’ll let you figure out what time zone that is as I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head. I’m currently in school so I’m not sure about how active I’ll be, but I’ll be here as much as I can to participate.

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Vaylin Kade Stavin
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