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 Felix Alyxander Lee

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Lukas Grimm

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PostSubject: Felix Alyxander Lee   Felix Alyxander Lee I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 4:08 pm

/ / Felix Alyxander Lee \ \

Felix Alyxander Lee Emo-Anime-Guy-anime-guys-2461951-300-379

Description: Felix is around 5' 11' weighing about 115 pounds. He is commonly referred to as 'Tripp' that being his favorite brand of skinny jeans and shirts. He is a vampire and has been for 233 years, he used to live in a small town in the Ellian mountains, the town went bust and no longer exists

Characteristics: Felix is a person who only looks out for himself, he can be very cynical and cold, but Felix is also easily subdued by women, they're his only vice. Anytime that he isn't doing something, he listens to music. When he needs to feed, he like to make it into a game, by seeing how fast he can seduce and kill the girl without noticing.

When he's not being his usual cold self, he is a very kind person. He is also very intelligent and tactical, he's always correcting people, and gets angry for no reason at times, for simple things.

Background: Felix has lived through many things, he killed his parents, not wanting to watch them die of an unknown disease, His brother left, and is no where to be found, and is also presumed dead. His first and only wife attempted to kill him when she discovered what she really was, and he killed her to defend himself. Since then, he's lived a long and lonely life.He's had constant struggles with other vampires, he's built a countless repertoire of enemies all out to kill him or just make him generally unhappy. When he saw the tragedy that befell Flandor, he was crushed, he wants to find out who did this and why.

Player: Lukas Grimm, Time zone:Eastern American. I may make short(er) posts due to my low attention span, and even though my story and stuff is short, I'm much better at developing the character in the RP.
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PostSubject: Re: Felix Alyxander Lee   Felix Alyxander Lee I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 6:46 pm

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Felix Alyxander Lee
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