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 Kyo Amatsu

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PostSubject: Kyo Amatsu   Kyo Amatsu I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 13, 2009 7:37 am

/ / Kyo Amatsu \ \

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Description: Kyo Amatsu is a dude. He is nineteen years old. He celebrates his birthday every August Seventh. He is not that tall, is is as tall as a normal person. He only weighs about 130. Kyo has the super power of seeing through things to see what's behind it. He got this power for no good reason. But when he was born, he just noticed to see through things. His parents also wondered how he got these powers, but a few years later, they really didn't care anymore. He is all human. He also wore a transparent eye-shield, that looks like shades, to stop him from looking through things. He was born in Flandor, but he when he was still a baby, they had to move to Kilawli. He is the group of the Shekinah. He may live longer in the town of Kilawli, but Flandor is his real hometown.

Characteristics: Kyo is someone you do not want to mess with. So, you really should be careful to what you do to Kyo. One measly little prank on Kyo sends you to Hell. He can easily get revenge because of his high intellect. Kyo is also very, very lazy. He may be very smart, but it's pretty much useless if you don't want to use it. Kyo is very clumsy. He usually breaks stuff from his experiments and other stuff.

Background: Of course, Kyo was born. The first time Kyo opened his eyes, was in the seventh of August. He first saw his mother. Kyo grew up mostly with her mother, he almost never had the chance to play with her father. Kyo already had a big brain, well bigger than normal, when he was still a baby. He learned to walk earlier, to speak earlier. Mostly did everything earlier. His parents were very amazed. Who knew he'd be this smart at the age of 5 months.

Kyo went to school. He was always on top of his class. He basically was smarter than his class. His school life pretty much LOOK like it was good. Think again. Everyday, when he gets into school, he would get teased because he had no wings. He didn't tell them that he originally was born. He knew that the people there wouldn't believe him. This made a big impact on Kyo's life. When Kyo had nothing to do, he would make blueprints of wings. He would try to make artificial ones, that looked like real wings. But he didn't succeed. Even though he had failed every time, he never gave up. But when he had became a teenager, he stopped caring about this. He stopped trying to make wings, and he carried on with his life.

At the age of 14, he noticed at some times, he would see through things accidentally. He asked this about his parents. His parents just drew a blank. They didn't know about it either. A few days later, he was starting to get annoyed because this power will suddenly turn on, then off, then on again by itself. So, after class, Kyo went outside and started to practice this power. He was trying to control the power. It took Kyo a few weeks to master this new skill, but it was pretty much worth it. He used this power mostly as an advantage over people. He also used this to pull pranks on people. Combining this with his high IQ makes him pretty awesome.

When he was 16, he started to think about Flandor. What had happen to it, What might be new, and a lot more. He just couldn't stop thinking about Flandor, so he asked his parents about Flandor, and what was it like. His parents really didn't say much. They didn't want him to go back there. But still, Kyo wanted to go to Flandor. He swore on that day he would go to Flandor and see everything he missed.

When his parents finally allowed him to go anywhere he wanted to, which was at the age of 19, he quickly packed his bags and decided to go to Flandor. Kyo was very excited to visit this wonderful town. He would have never thought that he could go back to this town once more. When he finally saw Flandor, he stared at the broken buildings, rubble on the floor. Burned down houses. This wasn't the town he swore to go back and see all the wonders he didn't even see when he was there. This was when Kyo joined the Shekinah, and swore to track down the destroyer of the once wonderful city of, Flandor.

Player: Heyoooo! My username is d a i s u k i i - - xx. I live in the Philippines. My timezone is [GMT+ 08 hrs.]. I can only RP in the weekends. Hehe, that's all folks!.

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PostSubject: Re: Kyo Amatsu   Kyo Amatsu I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 8:29 pm

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Kyo Amatsu
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