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 Solo Lethe Zsadist

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PostSubject: Solo Lethe Zsadist   Solo Lethe Zsadist I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 18, 2009 12:21 pm

/ / Solo Lethe Zsadist \ \

Solo -is too big-

Description: Solo stands at 5'9 just a little taller than the average female. Solo weighs in at 135 pounds, but for this weight it gives her quite a bit of muscle and tone. Her mid-back length blond hair and blue eyes usually distracting from the darker nature of the girl. Which has got herself involved inside the Lilith group recently, and she is currently moving to live with the rest of the Lilith people. She looks human, and is essentially that... But in truth is a Valkyrie, like the kind from Norse mythology. But what prevents her from being revealed as a Valkyrie, her back is burned up...two stripes where the tattoos -that release her wings- should be. It keeps her in this more mortal realm, and prevents her from flying. The color of her wings, rather then being an angel white, are rather brown. Colored the same as a hawk's wings would be. If they were ever allowed to presented. The tattoo now replaced with a burn mark, is black. Two wings, but made with three prongs each, the furthest from the middle of the back are the longest, with the two others getting shorter. Which all branch out from a single straight line across the back of her shoulders. The same wing-like tattoo is present on her ankles. Along with lining under Solo's eyes. Her age is much harder to gauge, as she was created when the beings of heaven came in being. There was no birth, so she has no real age. But the time she has spent 'grounded' on earth has been about twenty-one years. Though by looks, she seems to be anywhere from 18-22 years old.

Her clothes are simple, a v-neck, long white sleeved shirt- that fits her somewhat tightly. That usually tend to be ripped. Usually khaki colored pants, that fit into large leather boots that pool right above her ankles. Around her arm is a band, consisting of a green leather, that loops around a central ring. Finally, her hands are bound in medical gauze, due to the burning of her hands from all her glass work, and glass handling related injuries. Her hair is sometimes bound up while she is working, and down when she is not. Though her hair is often subject to changes.

Characteristics:Solo seems a very unsupposing, and somewhat anti-social person. From her just being in a crowd, or when she is seen through the window of her workplace. But it makes sense, she makes herself seem like she is worth little, hiding what abilities she does have...Making herself seem lack luster, and even stupid. Solo is a hard person to flirt with, as she will ignore it, and not attempt to flirt back. She doesn't find anything that attractive, or worthwhile to her. It's something she currently sees no use for, though she will take gentlemanly action gracefully. It's the one way into really seducing her. The second part to her personality is her annoying, and hot-headed traits. If being ignored for too long, or after growing comfortable with people this starts to happen. She'll pull pranks, and be basically annoying for no real reason. Solo likes to provoke people into snapping...Which gets her to argue. Which Solo enjoys doing. It's easy to get her started about anything. It's unprofessional and childish, but it's the way she defends herself. Along with her joking, and sometimes taunting. Especially if she knows how to bother that certain person. She'll even act childishly, and immature anything to annoy someone once they end up on her list.

The next part is her stubborn part. Often it infuses with her hot-headed actions. And the key to why she acts so annoying. She'll cover everything that she can, despite any measure it will take to hide whatever that certain issue, or thing is. Even if it is a simple act, she will work on that idea until it gets done...Or is rendered useless. Which can turn Solo into a danger for herself because of all the daredevil like acts she will preform...Even just to entertain herself. But this also makes her very sacrificing as well. It is likely to never show if she does care for someone, but if they are in trouble, she will do anything to protect them, visible or private. But after they are safe, she will return to be the aggravating person she usually is.

Unless you get her alone, which often leads to her acting quite civil, and somewhat friendly. Along with playful at the correct times. Solo can be pleasant. It just never lasts that long.

Background:Solo was created in the time everything came into existence, simply. Her job was quite simple. Go fight in the wars of every races, and escort the souls of the warriors to Valhalla. To a heaven where they did not have to feel the pain of their heroic deaths. And serve them mead as they saw fit to drink of it, and entertaining to the souls of which who had entered into Valhalla. Obviously, one would learn the arts of fighting. Solo loved the battles, and the thrill of the fighting. It made her happy, and though quite violent it made her feel free. The world was quite as long as she could fight along side the warriors that her, and her sisters brought up to those halls. Mainly her sisters at that. She wasn't ever much for saving souls, and serving them. Her blood was entwined with the battle.From sniping down enemies, to hacking them into pieces as they came into her face...Solo forgot, and didn't mind her quite lonely, and quiet life.

Outside of her time spent fighting, Solo tended to do nothing. The tried seducing of the soul's saved bored her.The giggling, and girlishness of the others drove her insane. Neither had she any kind of mortal to bother for company. She didn't quite belong among her kind either. As a bunch of girl's usually tended to go into discussion of men, conquests of people of either sex, fashion, and hair...It wasn't something Solo could ever get herself into. Even for being so outside the views of the other Valkyrie's she tended to be mocked, and constantly harassed. Down to stripping her in front of audiences, or making her seem a fool to everyone that had happened to watch them trick her into an embarrassing situation to simply misplacing her things. Well, if they were not ignoring her. Solo's only defense was to bother them, and keep tormenting them back so she would be left alone..Actions that left her even more alienated from them.

But after many long battles, she had started to stop speaking all together. A feat that was easily accomplished, and held unto. It made things easier. Even when the draining female's did something to her, Solo no longer reacted.

But one battle eventually forced her from the skies. It was a hard battle between feuding tribes. In a freak accident Solo was trapped by a tribe magic man. Who obviously knew what she was, and burned the wings from her back. Which rendered Solo mortal, and unable to return home. Not that it bothered her much anyways. Being forced shortly after into slavery...Life was alright. The man didn't want anything from her. Yet. He taught her how to melt glass, and tame it. Something that came easily for Solo. Rather than having to use tools, she could actually control the glass...Force it into shapes with just her will. Solo has found her element, the powers of which she has still not yet mastered. The man that was her master let her go. Giving her the armband to keep track of her, her master returns every few months to return her wings back into uselessness.

So for the next twenty years she made a living as a glass smith, making windows, decorations, anything that required the use of glass in Kilawli. But without using her glass manipulation powers, preferring to use the tool methods...unless a job got too frustrating. The winged people made her feel a bit more at home, though at the same time it hurt. She was again ignored for being different, because she could not fly. But Solo didn't want to be around them anyways, she missed the skies too much. It turned her colder, and prickly for customers to deal with her. But she was the best, so people kept coming to get her services. Which in short time Solo grew to be quite rich. Her temperament was likely the reason she was found by a strange man that offered her a chance to help get revenge. Revenge wasn't what she needed, but a chance to fight again was what she wanted. Though for now she is living as if she is only a glass smith, and not a fighter. Glass is useful for growing towns, and it's uses for helping with weapons, and gaining more wealth into the town. Solo also can make weapons, though that is not her expertise.

Player: Valkyrja!!! Uhh, central timezone, usually on at random times. PM me, if you want me to get on at certain times...XD

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Solo Lethe Zsadist
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