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 What you can be...

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PostSubject: What you can be...   What you can be... I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 25, 2009 8:10 pm

• Groups •


The Shekinah's are the people that Lived in Flandor and left for a years. When they came back they saw their Town destroyed. These people are either searching for their loved ones. If they believe they are alive, Looking to be accepted somewhere else. Or searching for the people or town the destroyed Flandor. They are all working together to survive and find out what happened to their home.


The Lilith's are out casts of their towns. They left their town for their personal reasons and formed their own group and their own little secret village. They are working together to Destroy the towns and the people that hurt them. They are the ones that Destroyed Flandor and their not done yet.
In the Lilith group there is a special squad that kills specific people. You must be one of the best in Lilith to join. Pm tec101 for permission to join The squad.

~Town People_______

These people live in the other towns around Flandor. They have no idea what is going on and some don't want to find out. Others are curious and leaving their towns to investigate. They are a Neutral party and will fight to protect themselves and their loved ones only.


These people lived in Flandor as well as the Shekinah's but were there when it was getting destroyed. Some got away and are hiding out but others are slaves for the Lilith's and can't get away.
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What you can be...
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