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 ..:~::Haston Durmark :~:..

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PostSubject: ..:~::Haston Durmark :~:..   ..:~::Haston Durmark :~:.. I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 20, 2009 8:52 pm

..:~::Haston Durmark :~:..

..:~::Haston Durmark :~:.. Anime112

Haston Durmark, also known as Haste di Rondo by his fellow troops, is 20 years old, born May 23rd, he is 6’ tall and weighs around 180 pounds. Born as a lilithian noble and raised as a commoner, this young man has the proper foundations of a well rounded human being, with a high sense of justice and responsibility, followed by a past befitting of his goals. He is the son of the Noble head Bartholomew Durmark, a man of great power and importance to the lilithian council, as well as the son of Shilia Vicera, who comes of a common house and was raised by her for the majority of his life. He never parts ways with his sword, Ashfeld, and considers it a part of his very soul.

His upbringing among the towns people showed him the importance of each individual life as well as crafted his personality which could be described as laid back and friendly, yet firm and assertive when need be. He gives off a friendly air to everyone he meets, even if that’s not case, but believes in what his father conceives to be naivety by giving everyone the shadow of a doubt and second chances. He’s not afraid of giving someone a helping hand or standing up for what he knows is right, even if that means having to prove his sense of justice by defying direct orders.

Background :
Haston’s father was a young lord when he met his future wife Shilia whilst shopping for a Christmas offering to the lilithian council, dragging his feet along the snowy market place looking for another years waste of a good wage, he found himself looking at a small jewellery stand with the most exquisite rubies he’s ever seen, he didn’t need to ask how a commoner such as herself came across such fine stones, merely looking at her over worked hands he could easily tell. Moved by her efforts and gentle smile, he offered his hand to her, which she rejected, 5 times.

Yet on his six try she said yes! He thinking it was because she admired his persistence and her thinking she’d just do it to get it over with. 8 months later, they married and had a child, a young boy name Derik Durmark, the first heir to the Durmark, to be raised as nobility, yet this atmosphere caused him to grow cold and distant with a frightful look in his eyes. Three years later, another son was born, fearing this might happen with her new child, Shilia decided that Haston be raised a commoner, and later at his coming of age (18 years old) he’d become try nobility and ascertain all the responsibilities of his title.

As such, he had to be raised in secret, so that the council wouldn’t go after him and force another child of noble blood to go through the many trials of the lilithian council as proof of the Durmark houses strength among the other noble houses. As the years went by, he would work as a mercenary, choosing his own trials and gaining power his own way, he only took jobs protecting people and did his best not to kill people as often as he could. Finally, when his coming of age came, he bid his mother farewell, and was taken by the royal lilithian guards to be brought into the nobles division of the town, for the next two years, he would be enrolled in their armies, and quickly climb through the ranks with his experiences, rarely seeing his brother or his father, let alone his mother.

Tales of his brothers mass victories however, never escaped his ears, nor did his merciless ways on the battlefield, vowing never to be like him, he became the new commander of the 3rd division and became known as commander Haste di Rondo for his peculiar style of sword fighting as if listening to a songs rhythm while fighting, and also gained the respect of his men for his merciful and kind hearted ways.

Now he looks upon the current conquest of the lilitian empire, doing his best to secretly help the people he’s sent t assassinate in cold blood, and allow them to escape to nearby villages, by taking as many quests as the council lays before him.
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..:~::Haston Durmark :~:..
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