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 Ea Lancaster

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PostSubject: Ea Lancaster   Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:19 pm

/ / Ea Lancaster \ \

Description: Ea is currently 18, he is a Male, and is heighted and 6ft and weighs only 163lbs. He is a human, though a gifted swordsman and pyromancer, and he comes from a village located in between Kilawli and Kaladen desert. He is apart of Lilith, though he has no real reason for being or staying with them. As said before, he is a Pyromancer, and when not with the actual group, Lilith, or obeying orders he lives at Linkton as a preformer of sorts, using fire as his tools. Along with his normal attire, he wears a large and heavy earth toned cloak. Beneath it he carries his wooden swordthe same one that he made when he was nine and began training himself. Though the sword is carried around town as a way of defense and so he doesn't kill anyone without being ordered to. Aside from this sword, he has one other sword that was specially made for him, one that allows him to fuse his flames to it and raise it's killing potential, this sword also reflecting his anger and grief to remind him of what he'd become.

The Ea of before was a stubborn, determined, yet happy child who loved his family and the home in which he was raised in. After the death of his sister and his exile, he became colder and more distant from people. Any warmth he has kept inside where no one can see it, and he has a soft spot for children. When he's not busy with someone, or entertaining an audience with his fire tricks, he spends his time grieving for his sister and the mistakes of ever making a sword and attempting to become a swordsman like his father. Along with his grief, the frenzy he felt those years ago the night of his sister's death is buried deep inside, waiting to burst free upon an unexpecting group or person.
When in front of others he continues to hide his actual feelings, due to his distant nature, but he is capable of holding a conversation, and shows that he is respectful of anyones views and customs. He also has a soft spot for children, and could never raise his hand against one (it should be said, during the destruction of Flandor he avoided children if he could, and even hid a few and later sneaked them out while it was safe).

Background:Ea is the first born child to a family of five. His two younger sisters were named Eo'Hallia and Pyralis. His Father, Kiros and Mother, Ariadne. The five were normal, in ways they thought of as normal. Kiros was a once great swordsman, who went into early retirement with his life once he had had his share of blood, and Ariadne who was a gifted Pyromancer, who was also capable in the arts of healing wounds. Between his parents, Ea and Pyralis took most of they're looks and they're gift in fire from Ariadne, while Hallia took more after her father all except for his old love for swords. A love that was soon adopted from his son and daughter Pyralis. The two were clearly prodigys when they touched a sword, wielding the weapons like an extra arm. Something that Kiros feared and disliked. When he first discovered the affinity they held with the weapons, he took what swords remained from his days and locked them away in a special room accessible only to him and two others, and banned them from touching swords again. The two children agreed, and instead studied under Ariadne, who taught them the many uses or ways of which Fire could be used whether in Divination, for Fighter, sealing wounds, warming the home, or simply using it as a way of expressing an artful side to themselves. Though the two enjoyed becoming Pyromancers, Ea could never forget the feel of a blade in his hand, nor the way it moved when he did, or the sound it made as it cut through the air. It wasn't long before he made his own sword, one out of wood, and began secretly training himself. For a year he got away with his secret training sessions, using an old tree as a post to test his swings, and inventing his own Techniques the best he could. However, near the first year of this, Pyralis got curious as to where he wandered too so often, and caught him red handed. Under the oath that she wouldn't turn him in, he agreed to have her join him, personally taking joy and delight in having his younger sister there. For one the two were close, like two threads spun together, but now he had someone to train and sparr with. Soon it became a ritual. Wake, sleep, study from mother, help with chores around the house, eat, slip out of house and "train", wash in the stream nearby, then return home to eat again.

While Ea was fifteen, Pyralis being thirteen, they learned of a gathering of people who had regular bouts and fights, a place where self-trained fighters could have a go at they're skill and test themselves. Eager and delighted at the idea of fighting against other people, the two joined the 'games' and worked they're way to the top. By the end, Ea had come out as the top swordsman, and had managed to defeat most of them there, except the ones holding the bouts who were there simply to watch and see the strength of others. Having been victorious, Ea andh is sister returned him, celebrating themself by buying cakes with some prize money they have earned. Unfortunately, they weren't aware of the sort of people they fought. On the way home, they were surrounded, Ea being restrained by multiple men, and forced to watch as they raped, and murdered his sister. Fury and Grief overtaking him, he was driven into a frenzy, his control over fire releasing, and taking an actual steel sword from one of the assaulters, killed those involved. When Kiros and Ariadne found him, he was alone with his sister clutched in his arms, crying and begging for forgiveness. Having done what he did, he was dubbed a danger to the village, and was exiled and disowned by both his family and village. Though his mother was less reluntant to force him to leave, she did not argue and told him she would watch over him no matter where he went. Along with her wish, she gave to him a sword his father, Kiros, had used when he was younger, and with it a hairband Pyralis used. Taking the gifts, he left home and spent two years in isolation and living as a nomad. One day however he met Lilith, and without thinking he joined them and even took part in the destruction of Flandor. Though he had no feelings or reason to, he simply obeyed his orders and killed whatever he saw, and burned much of the town to the ground. Now he currently awaits orders in Linkton, where he has been stationed until further orders to continue with the plans of the Destruction of Lagrima.

Player: YOOOOOOOO! This is Ea here, otherwise known as Tal or Shattered-Sins, and I have the EXACT same timezone as Jing, so just check her out if you would, and this is my second character who I will be playing from this account.

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Ea Lancaster
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