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Description: Manami is Nineteen years old and she is female. She is 5'6 and weigh's 125 pounds. She is pure Kitsune but she don't look like any normal fox. She was born in Linkton and had gotten shunned there so she joined Lilith. On her back she has a tattoo that is a Fox. The fox stands for her race and the Rose is for her personality and powers. She has Crimson red eyes and natural blue hair, making her stand out a lot. Her Kitsune tail and ears are both a mix of orange and red, making her different from many other ktsunes. Unlike other Kitsunes her tail is really short and her ears are shaped differently.

Characteristics:Manami is a very strange girl, she is very very quiet. She isn't shy at all though. She usually only speaks to Male's and when she does its in a low and soft tone, mostly seductive tone. She tends to get uncomfortable when she is approached, she only likes when she approaches someone. With Manami being so quiet she doesn't really think about what she needs to say or what other people are saying and she tends to notice the little details about people that other people wouldn't notice. Manami looks like she is always blank minded and rarely has an expression unless something really makes her happy or really angry. Since Manami usually flirts with almost every guy its hard to tell her true feelings about someone.

Background:Manami was born in Linkton. Both her parents were kitsune's so she is a purebred even if she doesn't look like it. When she was born the doctor had put this weird tattoo on her back and warned her parents she wouldn't be a normal Kitsune when she grew up. Her parents got worried and said they didn't even want her, putting her into an orphanage and never going to visit her ever again. So Manami grew up without her parents and with no clue as to why she was so different from the other kids. As a kid she always asked questions like why she looked different and what happened to her parents, she was always told they died and that she looked different because she was special. As she got older though she realized that she was lied to. The other children wouldn't go near her, wouldn't share with her, and ran when she approached. She knew she couldn't be special.

One day at school she sat alone at lunch and ate quietly until a few girls approached her and started to pretend to be her friend. People started to turn and wonder what was going on. Manami was extremely happy to have the girls talking to her and wanting her to be friends. After talking at a table for a bit the girls told Manami to stand p so they could give her a few fashion tips. Once Manami stood up the girls got rough and started ripping her clothes and pulling on her hair. They pulled out her fur on her tail and a bit on her ears then finished off by smacking her across the face and pushing her to the ground. The girls all high five each other and laughed walking away. Manami was left on the ground, hurt, hating herself and scared of anyone ever approaching her again.

For years Manami avoided school, regularly ran away from her orphanage, and taught herself how to fight of those who approached her. She mostly hid in the forest when she ran away but she had always got dragged back to the place. When she turned Eighteen she ran away once again and went even further into the forest. She was alone for hours, not realizing she was being watched as she trained herself. A Lilith Member had been watching her and approached her with caution. It took a long time to get Manami's trust but he had finally did it and she joined Lilith, taking part in destroying Flandor and serving for Lilith in anyway she can. She looks forward to the day they go after Linkton.

Player: Hey all its the Owner W h ii t e - A n g e ll This is my second character so I can get a little more into this and maybe even start some more drama.
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Manami Lint
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