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 Fearless Stele

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PostSubject: Fearless Stele   Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:18 pm

/ / Fearless Stele \ \

Description: Fearless is Female, and is nineteen years of age. She has a height of 6'0" and a weight of 110 lbs. Fearless's Mother was Humans and her Father an Angel which makes her a cross of the two, though she has mostly angelic blood. She was a survivor of the attack on Flandor but now calls no land home, she wanders from place to place with her friend and partner the blue fox Rune. Being of mostly Angelic blood Fearless can summon white angel wings when she wishes, she can also tell the true nature of a person. Fearless knows many combat styles, such as sword fighting and hand to hand combat. Although she looks frail Fearless is much stronger than she seems

Characteristics: Fearless is dependable and loyal, she will never break her word, and will not make promises she can't keep. Nor will she fight battles she cannot win. She is very strong despite her frail figure. Fearless is blunt and Honest, she will always tell the truth even if that truth is hurtful or cruel. She is a pretty quiet person unless you have earned her trust, which is hard to gain and easy to loose. Fearless is kind although she won't let it show unless you are close to her. She keeps her emotions to herself and tries hard to carry her own burdens without troubling others with her problems. She keeps to herself and hides her pain behind a smile.

Background:Fearless's mother was Human, and her father angelic. Her Mother died when she gave birth to her, so her father raised her. Fearless and her father lived in Flandor, for all her Life Her Father kept a close eye on her, he treated every wound as if it were life threatening. Although Fearless was a reckless and wild child and she often made her father worry about her. Although Fearless often made her father worry and angry he never yelled at her, and She loved her father. Fearless asked her father to teach her to fight, and her training began when she was six. She trained daily and worked very hard to make her father proud. Even if training was hard she looked forward to each lesson, to each day she could spend time with her father.
When she was Seven Fearless found the injured blue fox Rune. At first her father disliked the idea of a pet but she convinced him and Rune got to stay. Fearless took care of him until he was well again. Since that day She and Rune had been nearly impossible to separate, Fearless had no friends other than the small fox. Her father worried about her having no friends and encouraged her to talk more but she didn't mind being friendless. She was an odd person and she didn't mind it at all, in fact she kinda enjoyed being an outcast.
The day she turned thirteen her father died, she and her father were close so of course she grieved his death like she had never grieved over anything else before. Fearless cried over his death for may days, and she vowed no one would ever see her cry. After her fathers death she changed alot, the child who loved her father more than the air she breath, who was always happy she cheerful become a girl who was quiet and pulled a wall over her heart. She packed up everything she needed and left the city that had so may painful memories and began to wander from place to place. She herd about what had happened to Flandor and decided she would lay low for a while. Fearless travels from place to place, never staying to long in one city. She became a wanderer, her and Rune took care of themselves, staying alive useing the knowledge her father gave her and of course Rune's abilities to hunt and alert her of danger.
Despite the fact that living became somewhat hard Fearless was never sad, she never regretted anything.
Fearless fights often, doing what she can to stay alive, although she never lets go of her honor or her fathers teachings no matter how dire the situation, Fearless keeps to herself, trying not to bring herself close to anyone, she refuses to feel the sting of such a loss again by keeping her heart locked away and keeping people away from her. Although her name is Fearless, she is not without fear.

Player: Unlucky-13, not sure what time zone I am in, but I live in Arizona if that helps.
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PostSubject: Re: Fearless Stele   Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:43 pm

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Fearless Stele
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