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 Cieven Yaine

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PostSubject: Cieven Yaine   Sat Nov 28, 2009 7:44 pm

/ / Cieven Aurora Yaine \ \

Description: Cien, as Cieven always goes by, is a young male of the age of 18. He has cyan colored eyes, and dark blue hair. Cien is not human; in fact he only looks human because his hair hides the fins that are just in front of his ears. These fins are cyan in color, much like his eyes. They occasionally fold down showing his ears, but this is only when he is extremely sad as it is a look of sadness, not joy. He is usually dressed in a jacket, and when not he wears ceremonial things for his family (check picture for idea). He always carries a sword at his side with a bow across his back. Cien is known to be much more skilled with the daggers that he occasionally carries, but he mainly sticks with the sword he carries as a weapon of choice. He is a resident of Linkton, though he was not born there. He was actually born in Ilquint, and is thus why he seems to have origins of a relation to a fish. In all reality he can breathe underwater, but by living in Linkton he is clearly out of his ‘element’. He has never grown use to the cold up in Linkton compared to the weather in Ilquint, and thus it explains why he is usually caught wearing a jacket and warm clothing, even through spring and fall.

Characteristics: While being a bit on the shy side, Cien is actually a relatively friendly person. He doesn’t take well to others being singled out of groups and usually goes out of his way to be nice to others. The truth of the matter though is that most of the act he shows of being kind and happy is just as it is, an act. It isn’t that he truly isn’t kind; it is that he is afraid of people feelings and emotions. His reason for being kind is to keep other happy so he doesn’t have to see the dark side of them, much like he had seen in an old friend of his. After watching a friend hated until she eventually changed into something he could no longer keep calm. Cien see’s the dark sides of people even if they themselves don’t know what that is.

He isn’t dumb, being that he knows when people are lying to him and is surprisingly intelligent for someone who is unconcerned with what people think of him to the point that he does things that seem stupid. He is constantly searching for some answer to a question he has yet to find, though he knows it has something to do with the friend he lost to their ‘shadow’.

Background: Cien was born in Ilquint and was born into a rather wealthy family. His family was large, but that eventually would be the problem. Cien, from birth, was different from the rest of his family. Cien’s mother was like him, with origins related with fish or mermen somewhere in their family line, but the rest of his family had no such appearance like Cien. Cien was naturally shunned by his brothers and sisters, as well as his grandparents and such. The only one who ever cared for him was his mother, and she soon died due to a disease that had no cure at the time. Cien wasn’t hated by his father, but his father saw what living with his family was doing to him, Cien was starting to get depressed with his family about. Cien’s father decided to send him away, to Ilquint as it turned out. Cien was sent up there to his grandparent’s house. His mother had known about Cien’s curious ability to read people’s emotions and darkness in their hearts, but none of the rest of the family knew about it.

Upon moving to Ilquint, Cien was sent as an outcast. It wasn’t until after meeting a young girl at the time named Manami. Cien quickly found out that she, much like him, was an outcast. Cien became friends with her, possibly being her only friend of all of them in Ilquint, but Cien saw darkness in her that frightened him. Cien tried from the time of meeting her to keep her from awakening that darkness, but he knew that someday he wouldn’t be able to stop her. Cien constantly defended her, but he was always attacked for defending who she was. Cien eventually started to fit in, and because of that Cien always blamed himself for Manami’s disappearance. Cien figured it was his fault that she disappeared, having left her because of him escaping the outcast title.

On the day that Manami was attacked at school, Cien was away because he was sick. When he came back she was different, and Cien could see the darkness in her had grown greatly. Cien tried his hardest to make her life better but she constantly pushed him away and in the end she eventually ran away. Cien tried to find her, but alls he ever found was a necklace he had given her which he had gotten from his mother. It was a blue gem with a blue chain that Cien had cherished. He had given it to her with the belief that the only gift worth giving was one that one didn’t want to give.

After Manami’s disappearance Cien separated himself from all of those that had ever harmed her, and with time he was the outcast again, albeit he was a friendly outcast though. During the attack of Flandor Cien had been to the Lake Angelos. Cien had passed the village on his way to Angelos, but he didn't pay much time there. Cien remained at the lake for a long time, living there for a short time to get away from everything. In reality Cien lived at the lake for a good time before heading back to Linkon, but on his way back he passed through the now burned city of Flandor. While there he encountered a few of Flandor's survivors and even helped to find a few. In this process he met Faith, who Cien found hadn't been there for a while, and a strange 'Angel' with white hair who had been talking to another Flandor member about a strange female. What he found that was important at Flandor was a rumor of someone who looked like Manami among the attackers, which Cien heard from the white haired 'angel'. With that rumor, Cien came to the decision that someday she would come back to Linkton to wreak her revenge. When she did, he would be waiting for her, for better or worse.

Player: Hey! This is Kiln Malac. This is my second character. He’s a bit of a peculiar character as he I plan to start trouble with the Lilith with him, though he is a city dweller >.< But yah, this is my second character.

This is unrelated to the above, but Angell, if you want me to change his bio I can.
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Cieven Yaine
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